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What We Do At Our Coin Shop

Types of Coins and Currency That We Buy

Graded and Keydate Coins

We always appreciate a chance to purchase rare date and NGC or PCGS graded coins.

American Gold Eagle Coins

We are paying very strong prices for all American Gold Eagles of any denomination and quantity.

Silver Bullion Coins

We always stock silver bullion, usually in round format or pure silver bars of various weights.

90% Junk Silver Coins

Even the most common dimes, quarters, and half dollar from 1964 and earlier have 90% silver content.

Old American Gold Coins

Gold coins were commonplace in the US prior to 1934.  Some can be very rare today; it's all based on the year.

Rolls and Tubes of Coins

Nothing gets us more excited than original bank wrapped coins and fresh tubes of modern silver and gold bullion.

American Silver Eagle Coins

We need all ASE coins.  We buy them all, whether in tubes, loose, or proofs with boxes and papers.

Gold Bullion Coins

We buy, sell, trade, auction, and appraise all types of gold bullion in coin or bar format.

Morgan & Peace Silver Dollars

We buy and sell silver dollars from 1935 and older.  Dates and condition determine the value.

Proof and Mint Set Coins

Most proof sets are not collectible, but if they are from 1964 or older then they will have value.

Foreign Gold & Silver Coins

Most world coins aren't valuable, but if they have precious metals content then they are worth checking out.

National Banknotes

If you have any currency from a national bank then you are losing money by not giving us a chance to offer on it.

$500 and $1000 Bills

There is a strong market for 1928 and 1934 $500 and $1000 bills.  Condition matters a lot though!

Large Size & Rare Currency

We buy all United States paper money issued from 1928 and older.  Some is very valuable.

Foreign & Canadian Currency

Rare world banknotes are out there, but you don't see them much.  Older and higher denominations are best.

President, Owner

Manning’s Numismatic Biography

Manning is not a lifelong collector, but pretty close.  While attending Clemson University as a junior in 2006 his grandmother gave him a book about rare United States currency.  A few months later he was all in on buying and selling, and it has been full steam ahead ever since.  Manning is a former board member and lifetime member of The South Carolina Numismatic Association.  He is also a lifetime member of the Society of Paper Money Collectors.  A former auctioneer specializing in rare banknotes, Manning was a consultant for the country's oldest numismatic auction firm from 2016 until 2023.  During that time he discovered, researched, and cataloged hundreds of the rarest banknotes known to exist.  He still personally holds the record for the highest price ever paid for a national banknote through a private transaction.

While paper money is Manning's primary numismatic pursuit, he still deals with coins on a daily basis at the coin shop.  He is a 2013 graduate of the American Numismatic Association school of coin grading.  He also sets the buy and sell prices on most coins bought and sold at the coin shop, including gold krugerrands, maple leafs, pandas, buffalos, American eagles, and bars.

On a personal note, Manning is a JL Mann graduate.  When he isn't working he likes to travel with his wife Courtney and their six and nine year old daughters.  In addition to coins and currency, Manning also collects old advertising signs and art glass.

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