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Yes, We Also Buy All Silver Coins Too

We buy silver bullion and we sell silver bullion from our Upstate South Carolina local coin shop. We deal in all sizes of silver bullion as well, purchasing anything from a 1,092 ounce shipwreck silver bar to 1/2 ounce rounds.  What types of Silver does Greenville Coins buy?

  1. American Silver Eagle
  2. America the Beautiful 5 oz National Parks
  3. Canada Silver Maple Leaf
  4. 100th Anniversary Morgan and Peace Dollars
  5. Silver Buffalo Rounds
  6. Christmas-Themed Silver Rounds and Birthday Rounds
  7. Mexico Silver Libertad
  8. Great Britain Silver Britannia
  9. Australia Silver Koala
  10. Australia Silver Kookaburra

While we do provide a list above of the most common silver bullion coins that we purchase, this list is not extensive. Here is a small snapshot of other things that have come through the door recently: The Franklin Mint Sterling Silver rounds, silver art bars, Disney themed silver bars and rounds, Chinese silver Pandas, South African silver Krugerrands, silver Chinese Lunar coins, Somalian Elephants, 1 kilo (kilogram) silver coins and bars, 2 ounce Pirate rounds, Johnson Matthey silver bars, Englehard silver bars, hand poured bars, and so much more. The largest bar we have purchased to date is a 1,092 ounce silver bar from the S.S. Garisopa shipwreck off of the coat of Europe during WWII.

There are two, maybe three, categories of silver bullion.

  1. The first would be United States Government issued coins. These coins typically trade at a high premium due to the fact that they are produced by a trusted source.
  2. The next would be National World Mints such as the Royal Canadian Mint, the Mexican Mint, the Perth Mint, and so on. These still carry a high premium since they are government issue coins, but the premium tends to be slightly less than that of the U.S. material.
  3. Lastly is the generic bullion items. These are items that are produced by 3rd party mints like Scotsdale, APMEX, JM, Johnson Matthey, Sunshine, and others. These are still valued for their silver, but do not demand as high of a premium as others.

As with anything, there are still factors that can change these generally accepted “rules” laid out above, so it is always important for an expert to look at your items. We are happy to explain more, in person, about what affects the price of the silver bullion coin.

We always recommend calling prior to coming in to the shop to make sure that we have in stock what you are looking for. Our phone number is (864) 395-4051 and we can be reached Monday through Friday from 10 AM to 5 PM. Our inventory changes daily, and precious metals are in high demand right now. 

As you can see, we do not strictly buy a single type of silver coin, round, or bar. We have something for every buyer. The U.S. Mint silver coins are by far the most popular (and carry the highest premium when buying and selling), but we are willing to buy anything. Unlike many coin shops, we do not source anything from large online vendors…therefore, our prices on silver bullion are always very competitive. As do many of our customers, we love doing business locally. Visit our LCS to learn more about the prices we are currently paying. Learn more about buying 90% silver here.

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