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Quick Facts About Old Gold Coins

Between about 1795 and 1933 it was commonplace for gold coins to circulate throughout the United States.  Gold coins, silver coins, copper coins, and paper money were all used interchangeably.  There were denominations of $1, $2.5, $3, $5, $10 and $20 gold coins.  Hundreds of millions of gold coins were minted and many millions still exist today.  With the price of gold already being so high right now, the majority of old gold coins will be tied to their metal value.  However, there are three things that can make them be worth more money.  Look for these details:

Year, mintmark, and condition will determine the value of a rarer gold coin.  If the coin does not have a rare year, mintmark, or exceptional condition, then the value will be determined based on the denomination of the coin.  So the higher the denomination, the greater the gold weight will be, and the more money it will be worth.

There are dozens of books written about collectible gold coins; we don’t have enough room or time to list all the need to know information.  Safe to say though, if you have an old coin (gold or otherwise) it would be in your best interest for us to take a look at it so we can provide an accurate value and we can also tell you what we would pay for it.

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