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Information About Tubes and Rolls

When we say that we are interested in rolls and tubes of coins we are specifically looking for original bank wrapper rolls of government issued coins.  We also like tubes of coins when it comes to bullion.  We most often see tubes of green cap American silver eagle coins or red cap American gold eagle coins.  There are also yellow cap Canadian maple leafs, and any number of colors when you get into some of the new UK precious metal issues.

Coins being in rolls and tubes is a sign of originality and that the contents should be fresher than the same coin if found loose.  As an example, we would pay more for a 1994 tube of American silver eagles on a per coin basis than we would for a single 1994 American silver eagle coin on its own.  Our assumption is that the coins in the tube would grade higher than the single coin.  Same goes for something like a 1960 Ben Franklin half dollar roll or a 1958 wheat cent roll; the rolls are worth more than the sum of the individual coins.

Please keep in mind that there is a big difference between original bank rolls and coins that a collector rolled.  Original rolls have tight crimped ends and all the coins will be in perfect condition.

In Demand Uncirculated Rolls:
Pennies, 1958 and Older
Nickels, 1938 and Older
Dimes, 1945 and Older
Quarters, 1959 and Older
Half Dollars, 1963 and Older
Mexican Libertads
American Commemorative Coins
Foreign Silver Coins

If you do have coins in original rolls or tubes, please handle them as little as possible and don’t disturb the packaging.  They are worth more when intact.

Example of Original Tubes of Bullion Coins

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