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The Honest Truth About Mint Products

We mostly made a page about proof and mint sets to let you down easy when we say that they usually aren’t worth more than face value.  We will include uncirculated sets in that group as well.  There are a couple of exceptions.  If your proof set specifically says “silver” set, then the set will at least have silver value.  If your proof set is from 1960 or older, then it will have some collector value.  Some proof sets from the 1930s are especially valuable.

Bad news is that if you have any proof, mint, or uncirculated set from 1971 or newer, it will not have any collector value.  The reason for this is simple.  Precious metals were not used in these sets after 1970, so they don't have any bullion value.  All of these were also mass-produced by the hundreds of thousands.  They aren't rare and there is no collector demand.  Despite that, we would be happy to take a look and just confirm this information based on exactly what you have.

Silver Set and a 1963 Mint Set

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