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We Offer IRS and ISA Compliant Coin Appraisals

We get asked on a daily basis "do you perform coin appraisals?"  The answer, is absolutely yes we do.  But we always want to know why you need an appraisal.  Most people who want a coin appraisal really just need an information evaluation.

Informal Evaluation:
The vast majority of the coin information we provide is freely given.  As an example, someone brings in a group of Morgan Dollars and we determine the value based on the year, mintmark, and condition and offer what we could pay.  That is not really an appraisal.  Same thing, someone calls in and asks what a presidential dollar roll is worth, and we say face value.  Questions and answers are always free of charge.  It never costs anything for us to have a casual conversation about what coins are generally worth and what we would pay for them.

Formal Appraisal:
A formal appraisal is usually done for insurance, taxes, estates, divorces, bankruptcy hearings, etc.  We set a time to view a collection, inventory it, value it, and present a formal written report on our findings.  There is a charge for a written report based on the number of hours it takes to complete.  We do a lot of appraisals, so we can usually get through a lot of coins quickly.  It is rare that a formal appraisal costs more than a few hundred dollars, and in some cases that cost is refunded if we end up buying the coin collection.