Sell Directly

When dealing with us you can either sell directly or you can sell through our national coin and paper money auctions.  You can choose whichever method works best for you.

Selling Privately:

Most sellers prefer to walk in with coins and walk out with a check.  And we try to keep it that simple.  Between the firm principals we have over 65 years dealing in numismatics full time.  We can quote you realistic prices while you are in our store.  If you like the price then we can pay via check or cash.

How Our Auctions Work:

If you decide not to sell directly, then you can always run your coins/paper money through our next auction.  We hold around four auctions annually that have a strong focus on coins and paper money.  Most items auctioned are valued at $1,000+. Please talk to us about the potential of auctioning your items.